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We provide social media services on a budget. We provide marketing services for affordable rates, focusing on non-profits, small and mid-sized businesses. We do not limit our client list, this is simply where we have found the greatest need. Marketing and promotion takes up so much time that small businesses end up not being able to expand or develop new projects due to how much of a commitment marketing is. The Social Schmoes give clients back time to focus on other areas of their business. 

We are able to provide clients with Social Media Management, digital marketing services, graphic design and other marketing services. We are located in Kingston, Ontario and we know this community quite well, helping you stand out in a crowded digital world. 

The basics of what we do: 

  • Provide Marketing Services for non-profits, small and mid-sized business in Kingston, Ontario
  • Provide Social Media Management for non-profits, small and mid-sized business in Kingston, Ontario
  • We focus on helping you increase how many people see your posts on social media
  • We show you what is important to know about marketing and social media and what is redundant 
  • We are located in Kingston, Ontario and help Kingston based businesses with their social media and general marketing. 
  • We take on your marketing and promotion, which frees up your valuable time.  Time to work on other projects and focus your energy on other things. 

How Our Services Work

We customize our services to meet our clients' specific needs and goals.  We have established a framework that builds the foundation for all of our services, and that ensures that you are involved in the process from the very beginning.

When managing your social media accounts, we handle all posting, research and much of the content development. We meet with you once per week, at the same time every week for 1 hour to discuss the plan for promotions for that week. These weekly meetings are a chance for us to get to know the work you do, and for you to communicate what messaging you'd like us to focus on. In addition, we will often host marketing meetings for specific projects you're working on and we present a monthly progress report that includes statistics and trends from the online platforms we are working from. 

Basically, we reduce all the time you spend on marketing to a 1 hour meeting with our team and we take care of the rest. At the end of a week, you'll be able to sit back and see that your platforms have been posting and that your products and events have been promoted across a wide range of tools to larger audiences than they were before. 

How Our Reports Work

At the end of each month working with the Social Schmoes, we present our clients with a report tracking how many people saw posts on all three platforms and a strategy that we adjust based upon the stats from each month. 

We always compare the previous month to the current one. We show you constant growth that doesn't end after one month with our services. When working with us you'll see a drastic climb in how many people you reach on social media, that we build on from there. 

Meet the Schmoes

Mike Sheppard

Mike Sheppard has spent over a decade producing theatre and arts programming in Kingston. Mike is an accomplished producer of the arts as the founder of Blue Canoe Productions and the Juvenis Festival. He also co-founded The Kick & Push Festival, Vagabond Theatre, and 5th Company Lane Productions.

Mike has worked in marketing and administration with Blue Canoe Productions, The Kick & Push Festival, Theatre Kingston, the Kingston Arts Council, the Domino Theatre, the Students Commission of Canada and now with CFRC Radio where he is the station's Sales and Marketing Coordinator. Mike has studied social media including completing workshops and courses from across the province.

Andrew Taggart

Andrew Taggart has had his hands in a few industries over the past few years. He’s been in the tourism industry for over 10 years and was critical in the formation of Blue Canoe Productions, a local non profit theatre company, headed by co-schmoe Mike Sheppard.

Andrew has had several different positions in the tourism industry, from serving dinner at weddings to managing the rates and promotions of a hotel. This take on revenue management and promotions brings a unique take on selling to customers on varying levels. Andrew has also had several roles in Blue Canoe, from Head of Relations, to General Manager, and recently a member of the board. 

Mat McAllister- Graphic Designer

Mat McAllister has worked as a Graphic Designer for several projects and companies in Kingston. Mat is a graduate of St. Lawrence College’s graphic design program and has been working as a sub-contract and freelance Graphic Designer since graduation.

Mat has worked with several local and not so local clients such as Blue Canoe Productions, the Juvenis Festival, St. George’s Cathedral, gordongroup, Body Rock TV, Community Living, CFRC and Zapps Records (just to name a few).Aside from being formally trained in Graphic Design Mat is also trained in photography, video production, video editing and animation / motion graphics and can use those skills to assist in the client’s needs.

What We Do:

Social Media Management in Kingston
Social Media Management in Ontario
Affordable Website Design
Affordable Marketing Services

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