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As a small business owner I have to juggle a lot of balls: staffing, sales & marketing, purchasing, banking and of course making sure that our customers are happy. Staying on top of social media -- setting a strategy and then keeping our story fresh -- is one area that caused me headaches. Fortunately, we hired Social Schmoes and they made the headaches go away. They understand our business and they’ve given us an online presence that keeps us in front of customers 24/7. They are good. They work the same crazy hours I do. They are affordable. Plus I see them shopping in local stores, so I know they get it. Hire them.

For the past year and a half I have been working with Mike and Andrew, the Social Schmoes, and they have changed not only my social media reach, but that of my family companies. I curate the content, and they organize and post it. Of course it's more complex than that, but suffice to say that my life has been made simpler, the time and effort spent fiddling with social media much reduced, while at the same time increasing my audience and my reach as a business person. Hear what they have to say. It's worth it.

Working with the Social Schmoes has been the catalyst in our expansion of our social media outreach to our community and its stakeholders . Our office continues to receive positive feedback in respect to their presentations within our social media framework and we are delighted with their products. We find them to be very creative and responsive to our needs . A great organization to work with!

Someone recommended the Social Schmoes to me after I explained my struggles starting on social media. I had all the platforms I needed but I wasn't sure how to grow it and what to do. The Social Schmoes were clear with their ideas, understanding to my limitations and helped me see changes within the first month of working with them! I highly recommend the Social Schmoes for anyone looking to improve their marketing in Kingston, especially if money is an issue, the Schmoes charge a fair amount and take a MAJOR load off of your shoulders! Thank you Schmoes.

I found Social Schmoes through a recommendation from a friend of mine. Social Schmoes have been extremely helpful to our organization in managing all our social media needs and exceeding our expectations. We have a strong working collaborative relationship. They understand our vision and are truly dedicated to the process of helping shape our message. They are highly organized and very thoughtful and are always on the ball. They have wonderful insights into how to handle and manage various social media platforms from online to on air.

I highly recommend Mike and Andrew to anyone looking to expand their reach through social media - be it business, community, non for profit. They know what they are doing and we are thankful that they are part of our team.

Over the last few years, the Social Schmoes have been instrumental in helping our non-profit with it’s social media presence. Specifically, they have set up Twitter and Instagram accounts for us with great results, and updated our Facebook account to show a much more current look. The Social Schmoes have created a website for the RCHA Club and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The website online calendar highlights our many music events, with detailed descriptions. Their response time to any changes or requests is quick and professional. They have anticipated our needs, made great suggestions and improved our visual appeal with dynamic graphics and wording. We have noticed new people attending our events and we have also received positive comments about our social media posts. The Social Schmoes contribution to our community non-profit club has kept us current and viable and therefore has a reach beyond just our club to the community at large. I would highly recommend Andrew, Mike and their team for any of your media needs.

Working with the Social Schmoes has helped to change my views of social media. They showed me how changes to my platforms, some small, some large, helped more people see each event I wanted to promote. It was a weight off my shoulders to simply meet with them each week, talk about what's going on, and look back at the end of the week with posts done and more views coming to all my pages. I highly recommend working with this group to help increase your effectiveness on platforms that I now see are important.


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