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These two graphs have been taken directly from the analytics of a 2 different client's Twitter accounts. You can see the point where we start to work with them and increase the total reach per day and per post for their accounts. The top graph is from a client who was not very active on the account before we took over and the bottom is from one that was more active to begin with. The result is the same in both cases as we help to increase the total amount of people who see each post on twitter, creating a healthy platform that can support more successful marketing campaigns. 

Can you guess when we took over the accounts?



Facebook has grown to become maybe one of the most intriguing social media platforms currently used by businesses. It is touchy, difficult to navigate and supports a strategy of spending money on posts, ads and event boosting. We have several strategies that help you not to spend funds on Facebook and still engage more people per post. In this chart, we took a client who was struggling with Facebook and after one month saw improvements in all areas including Average Reach Per Post. We work hard to ensure each post is as successful as possible which is why we track what the lowest post was each month and figure out why that post was less successful. This chart shows we were able to make large improvements that continued to grow from here. 


website design

Having a website is important but not everyone can afford to have one created at the prices most groups will charge. We have a flat rate fee and a low hosting charge to help you have a beautiful and simple website, that's easy to navigate, simple to edit,mobile friendly and that you won't have to break the bank to create. 





Growing engagement

In addition to ensuring more people see each of your posts, we also increase your engagements on posts. We track as much information as we can, ensuring each of your posts are successful. These charts are some simple examples of information we use to continue to improve our client's platforms, while also keeping them informed of progress in reports. 

                                               (Without Us)                    (With Us)


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