What Do Schmoes Know?

More eyes on
your content

You might be asking yourself, why the Social Schmoes? Here's why. The numbers tell a story of how our strategy gets more eyes on your content. These numbers are from just ONE MONTH with the Schmoes. While working with our clients, we adapt not only to the constant changes that the platforms bring our way, but also to your business. We learn your business and become a part of your team. With the Schmoes, you don't just get affordable, professional and reliable services, but you get results!

What Do schmoes know?

strategy is key

The Schmoes have well over 20 years combined in experience with digital marketing. For example, Facebook has grown to become maybe one of the most intriguing social media platforms currently used by businesses. It is touchy, difficult to navigate and supports a strategy of spending money on posts, ads and event boosting. We have several strategies that help you not to spend funds on Facebook and still engage more people per post. The stats to the right depict one year of working with the Schmoes and how that clients' platforms excelled with the Schmoes managing it. 

What Do Schmoes KNow?

website design

Having a website is important but not everyone can afford to have one created at the prices most groups will charge. We have a flat rate fee and a low hosting charge to help you have a beautiful and simple website, that's easy to navigate, simple to edit,mobile friendly and that you won't have to break the bank to create. 




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