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Don't waste another minute on marketing that doesn't work. The Social Schmoes offer digital marketing and social media services, we will work with any sized budget and develop a plan to maximize and personalize your reach. We help manage your social media and other digital marketing services. 

We offer affordable rates for Social Media Marketing Services and other Marketing Services in Kingston and across Ontario.

Winner: 2019 Marketing and Communications Award

Art Noise, a client of Social Schmoes won the 2019 Marketing and Communications award from Downtown Kingston for excellence in Marketing with a focus on Social Media! We are so proud to be continuing our work with our client and are honoured and humbled by this amazing award

November, 2019

"Art Noise has a consistent online presence that offers a unique look into
the artists world and social Media Posts are always visually appealing" 

Meet With Us

We will sit down with you, free of charge, for a consultation which includes seeing if our services fit your needs, a review of your social media platforms, as well as tips and suggestions to improve your digital marketing and social media marketing.


Our Marketing Services

Manage all your social media platforms

Present monthly reports on each platform

Help you reach more people with every post or other marketing tools

Design and Manage a clean and mobile friendly website


About Us:

Social Schmoes is a Kingston based Social Media management organization that specializes in digital marketing for small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits. Social Schmoes manages your social media platforms and creates evolving marketing plans to help your businesses stand out in the digital world. 

What We Do:

Social Media Management in Kingston
Social Media Management in Ontario
Affordable Website Design
Affordable Marketing Services

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